A Good Chocolate Chip Cookie



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have the BEST clients at Body By Simone!  After a full day of rehearsal, I went to teach two fitness classes and what was waiting for me???…CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!  A client of mine works for Sugar & Plumm and she’d left me a treat.  It completely made my day and fueled my workout (always something to look forward to post sweat…cookies).   Amanda and I love Sugar & Plumm and their cookies are up there on the list of great NYC chocolate chip cookies.  Substantial in size, the inside is stuffed with an entire slab of chocolate.  Not just chips but gooey chocolate.  It’s good eaten room temp or heated in the microwave.  Chewy and crunchy, I could have eaten all 4 she gave me!  There’s nothing like a good ‘ole choco chip.  Thanks Yasmina!

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