Sneak “Peep!”

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PEEPS!  We recently attended a Sneak “Peep” tasting of the holiday Peeps coming in the near future.  The flavors, shapes, and ideas were fantastical!  Snowmen, reindeer, gingerbread men, oh my!  Christmas trees, sugar cookie chicks, pepperment stars, oh la la!  This holiday season will not be complete without these festive marshmallows.  The reindeer were chocolate mousse, sweet and rich.  The gingerbread men were, of course, gingerbread full of holiday spice.  The sugar cookie chicks were dipped in chocolate with a sweet buttery flavor.  Some delicious ideas we tried were gingerbread milkshakes with a chocolate mousse reindeer on a straw.  This is a great party drink, as well as hot chocolate with a peppermint star Peep.  You can let the star melt in the hot chocolate, giving it a minty taste.

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One treat we enjoyed that’s a fantastic idea is a pretzel with caramel dipped in chocolate and topped with a sugar cookie Peep.  The salty pretzel with sweet caramel, chocolate, and marshmallow was perfection.  There were tables layed out with all kinds of ideas, including crafts you can make to decorate for the season!


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It really was a Peep Winter Wonderland and we felt like kids in a candy store ready for the holidays!  It’s never too early for holiday Peeps!  They’re Gluten Free and affordable, perfect for everyone!

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