An afternoon at Smorgasburg is unforgettable! I’ve been to both locations now and both are fantastic: great vendors, great food, great views! This Saturday I was with a couple friends so I was able to indulge in a couple different things. The first two I found at the S’more Bakery table. A molasses sandwich cookie filled with marshmallow creme looked just too good to pass up as well as the s’mores cupcake sitting next to it. The cupcake had a bottom graham cracker cake with a layer of chocolate cake on top. It was covered in a marshmallow frosting that was roasted to take on the look and taste of a fire-roasted marshmallow. The cake was extremely moist and fresh. I enjoyed the two different flavors in one the cupcake. It not only looked cool because of the two colors, but tasted great. The marshmallow frosting brought the whole idea together.


The next goodie, the molasses cookie, was simply something I threw in because I am a sucker for sandwich cookie of any kind. Plus, it was small so it wasn’t a lot to add. The two cookies were just heavenly, soft and chewy with a little spice. The marshmallow creme was light and fluffy. This cookie reminded me of the Little Debbie Oatmeal Sandwich Cookies I ate as a kid. I loved every bite of this cookie and could have had a couple more for sure!


Last, but not least, was a cinnamon sugar doughnut from Dough. Dough is a doughnut shop in Brooklyn that makes gourmet style doughnuts in all sorts of flavors. The cinnamon sugar is a yeast based raised doughnut covered in a cinnamon sugar topping. The doughnut was like a fluffy cloud. It dough actually bounced back from each bite that I took. Every sweet bite was incredible, I couldn’t ask for a better example of a perfect doughnut.

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