What do you do on a rainy day in NYC by busy Penn Station when you have time to kill???? Share a mini pie with your best friend of course!  We stopped in Pie Face, an Australian food shop that has created quite a buzz here in NYC.  They serve sweet and savory pies but we were definitely in the mood for something sweet. We decided to share the Mini Apple Crumble pie, perfect on this Fall day.  We asked for it to be warmed (you are more than wlecome to

ask), and it was delicious!  The center was gooey and chock-full of thickly sliced apples.  The top crumbles were huge and buttery.  The whole pie is only about the size of your fist, so it’s perfect to share for a sensible few bites or a nice indulgence for one.  The pies are adorable with different “pie faces” drawn on them.  The staff was kind and helpful and we had an overall pleasant experience.  Our rainy day faces turned from down to up!


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