Fall is snap, crackle, and poppin!



The Treat House is serving some Fall flavors and I was happy to try them out!  My two staples were the chocolate pretzel and salt caramel.  The salty caramel is my all time favorite Treat House Rice Krisy treat but these spicey new additions gave it a run for it’s money.  Can you gues which one is pumpkin spice?  Yup, that would be the adorable sugar pumpkin one.  The spice was perfect and gave me the flavor of pumpkin in Rice Krispies.  The maple pecan (that would be the maple leaf one), was rich and thick with maple and chopped pecans throughout the square.  These mini Rice Krispy treats are the perfect host gift, party treat, or just a pick-me-up.  I love Fall when all the seasonal flavors start popping up in bakeries.  Thanks for bringing fall in to your treats, Treat House!

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