Fall at Doughnut Plant



Sundays are great to grab a box of donuts and that’s just what I did this past weekend.  I hadn’t tried Doughnut Plant’s new Fall flavors so I headed to their newest location in Chelsea.  Going clockwise in the photo above, I chose their Coffee Cake, Pumpkin Doughseed, PB & Blackberry jam, PB & Banana Cream, Pumpkin Cake, and Apple Cinnamon.  My favorite has always been the PB & Jam (which it still is a top choice), but out of this selection, I have to say my top ones were the Pumpkin Cake and Apple Cinnamon.  I love a good cake doughnut and both were fresh with thick glaze on top.  The pumpkin had spiced pepitas on top that added savory to the sweet.  The Pumpkin Doughseed was a little yeast ball drenched in pumpkin glaze and full of a pumpkin pie type filling inside.  The Coffe Cake will definitely wake you up with coffee in the dough, glaze, filling, and crumbs!  The PB & Banana Cream is like a sweet “Elvis” sandwich with that delicious PB & banana combination.  You can never go wrong with a box of these lovelies.  My sunday morning was complete with happiness.

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