Everything in moderation…



What is it about pumpkin bread that makes me want to eat an entire loaf?!  I love this season of pumpkin and was delighted when one of my clients at Body By Simone (the amazing fitness studio Amanda and I work at…come take one of our classes!) brought my a loaf of pumpkin bread this morning from Balthazar.  Early morning workouts are a constant of mine, and this 7 am session started out just right! When I was finished with 3 hours of working out, my fellow trainers and myself enjoyed a slice of the bread.  Everything in moderation folks!  You can eat many foods you want if you work out and otherwise live a healthy lifestyle. This is how Amanda and I eat so many desserts!  One slice, not the whole loaf.  This bread was delicious (I have high standards since I pride myself on making the perfect pumpkin bread, taught to me by my mother). I usually make mine plain, but Balthazar’s had golden raisins and pecans throughout and pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top.  It was moist and smacked the roof of my mouth when I ate it.  There’s nothing like starting a fall day with fresh brewed coffee and a slice of pumpkin bread.  Thanks Maria!

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