Dos Caminos Sundae



This past Saturday was a fun night out with girlfriends at Dos Caminos.  We are rarely impressed by desserts at mexican restaurants, but we divulged in their Mexican Hot Fudge Sundae.  Vanilla ice cream, chocolate covered cocoa nibs, brownie chunks, and churros on top of a pool of hot fudge sauce.  Hot fudge and añejo butterscotch sauces were also on the side for our pouring preference.  It was amazing!  The ice cream was soft, the brownie chunks were huge and chewy, and the churros were mouth-watering.  The were some of the best churros I’ve had and the bottoms had been soaked in the sundae for a bit, making them crunchy and saturdated with ice cream and fudge.  Next time you’re in Dos Caminos, we highly recommend this sundae to finish the night!

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