An evening at L’Apicio


L’Apicio is a fantastic restaurant located in the Bowery.  It has everything a restaurant needs: ambiance, atmosphere, delicious food, and wonderful service.  I celebrated my anniversary there this past weekend and had a fantastic evening out.  I must give a shout out to our fantastic waiter, who was attentive, personable, and informative!  We decided, per his recommendation, to order the chocolate hazelnut ice cream cake which in description sounded like a deconstructed Snickers bar.  As it was delivered to our table with a candle on top we also received the vanilla semifreddo compliments of the restaurant.  We quickly grabbed our spoons and devoured both desserts.  The vanilla semifreddo was served on top of an almond macaroon.  Complimenting the semifreddo was a peach wine sorbet and a diced peach compote.  This dessert was so refreshing and tasted like a peach pie. I loved the almond macaroon it was so chewy, a perfect contrast to the smooth as silk vanilla semifreddo.

The chocolate hazelnut ice cream cake couldn’t have been more different, but equally delicious.  The top layer was a praline-hazelnut crunch then layers of salted caramel ice cream and chocolate cake.  The whole slice was covered in crunchy hazelnuts.  Every component in this cake worked to its favor.  I loved the top crunchy layer especially next to the creamy ice cream.  Each bite was satisfaction, like a gourmet Snickers bar.  L’Apicio is definitely a NYC restaurant not to be missed.

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