The Good Batch

I found The Good Batch at the Smorgasburg in Dumbo and there was no way I was leaving before I tasted one of their ice cream sandwiches. It seemed that any which way I turned I saw someone sinking their teeth into two giant cookies filled with a load of ice cream. So, after a delicious lunch I headed to The Good Batch stand and decided on their stroopwafel caramel ice cream sandwich. A stroopwafel is a cookie made from two thin layers of waffle batter filled with a caramel syrup.  They were first made in the Netherlands.  So imagine two stroopwafels hugging vanilla ice cream and caramel… yes, it was absolutely amazing!  The best bites, in my opinion, were the ones filled with the extra caramel.  In fact, I would have loaded the caramel up! But, the stroopwafel makes an excellent candidate for a sandwich because it is sturdy enough to hold the ice cream in yet flexible enough to bite through easily.  The Good Batch definitely has good things coming from their bakery!  Head to Smorgasburg and check them out!

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