Reader of the Week…Cara Salerno!


Congrats to Cara Salerno, this week’s featured reader.  She just moved to NYC from Chicago, and lives in The Heights.  She’s learning how to play the guitar, which has numbed three fingertips on her left hand. She’s a non-practicing nationally certified massage therapist.  She loves cheese.  Her soul would not be full if she wasn’t dancing, singing, and acting or a living.  Oh, and she won’t grow up.  Ever.  We like the way Cara thinks!  We are so happy to have Cara as a reader of JDNYC and can’t wait to share her answers for our five questions.   If you would like to be our reader of the week just answer these five questions below and email your answers along with a photo to!

1.  What is your favorite dessert and why?

My favorite dessert is cheesecake because it is creamy…almost velvety, dense, sweet and has a little bit of a salty crunch in the crust.

2.  What is your favorite dessert from your hometown?

I am from all over the place, but I spent most of my childhood in St. Louis, MO. where there is a special dessert called Gooey Butter Cake. It is one of my all time favorite desserts.

3.  If you met a magical dessert Genie and he could grant you three wishes what would they be?

 – That the fat and calories in desserts would not pertain to me, therefore I could eat all of the dessert I want to and stay in great shape.
 – To have a special delivery service that would come to my door, bringing me whatever it is that I am craving in the moment.
 – Does this have to be about dessert? ;-)
4.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?
My favorite dessert in NYC is the black and white cookie. There are so many incredible desserts here, but you cannot get a black and white anywhere else; at least not a good one!
5.  If you were a dessert what would you be and why?
If I was a dessert I would be a fruitcake because I would be around during the holidays, probably get re-gifted a few times, and would, most certainly, live a VERY long life!




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