On a winding alley in Chinatown, down a set of stairs and in a basement, there is a Mexican fiesta happening at Pulqueria! If the speakeasy atmosphere doesn’t get you as you walk through the door, the food sure will. I came here on a Gilt City coupon so I wasn’t able to choose which dessert I wanted to try, however I was pleasantly surprised by the churros that came to our table. Two small (in comparison to the ones sold in the subway or on the street) cinnamon sugar sticks were placed next to a small bowl of caramel leche sauce. This churro was heavy! I was surprised by it’s weight and density since it is just fried dough. I bet in to taste a very fluffy warm dough with a sweet and crispy outer edge. I loved dipping each bite into the caramel sauce which was thin but creamy from the leche. It was the perfect addition to the churros. I much prefer caramel than chocolate sauce for this dessert. From start to finish, Pulqueria did not disappoint! I highly recommend this restaurant for a very fun evening out!

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