Godiva Truffle Flights!



We recently attended a VIP tasting of Godiva’s NEW Truffle Flights in the meatpacking District and you all are in for a treat!  Just like a wine, champagne, beer, saki, etc, this flight is for chocolate.  We experienced the “Milk Chocolate Lovers” Truffle Flight with a detailed presentation from David Funaro, Senior Chef Chocolatier.  There are six flavors in each box and you start eating from left to right while you look, taste, and feel the overall essence of the chocolate.  Godiva prides themselves on consumer insight before launching any new product so you are guaranteed something fantastic due to their extensive research.  Their chocolate takes 23 hours to make which produces a satin taste with no residue.  The recipe hasn’t changed since 1926.  Each truffle is different and light or intense in flavor.  David instructed us to take a small bite of each truffle, letting it rest on your tongue bringing the chocolate to a perfect eating temperature.

P1000258 godiva

We sampled the Chocolate Eclair, Milk Chocolate Mousse, Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch Walnut, Salted Almond, and Hazelnut Crunch.  Each one was delicious with our favorites being the Salted Almond and Butterscotch Walnut.  As if that wasn’t enough we walked away with the other flights to take home which are:  Cake Lovers, Nut Lovers, and Dark Chocolate Decadence.  These flights are a steal at only $16 a box!  It is the perfect gift for any occasion!  We left the tasting, skipping down the street with our Godiva bags in hand…a little bit on a sugar high!



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