Cheryl’s & Pumpkin Spice



I love my mom!  Seriously, there’s nothing better than getting some nostalgic treat from my hometown in the mail from my mom.  Yesterday, I was surprised with some Cheryl’s cookies (special to Ohio folks).  Cheryl’s is across the street from my dance studio and a staple in my family for holidays.  All Fall flavors and designs to kick off the season, I was blown away by the Buttercream frosted cinnamon pumpkin cookie.  HOLEY COW.  This cookie hit the seasonal spot in me and was filled with spicey flavor.  The soft pumpkin cookie was incredibly fresh and almost like pumpkin bread.  The thick cinnamon buttercream frosting was creamy and complimented the cookie perfectly.  I highly recommend starting the Fall season with an order of these lovelies.  Thanks Mom!

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