An evening at Il Mulino


Since moving to NYC 13 years ago, I have dreamed of eating at Il Mulino.  I don’t know why it took me so long to dine there, but it finally happened this past weekend.  I can honestly say it lived up to every hope, hype, and Zagat rating I’ve ever had, heard, or read.  After a fabulous meal filled with anti pasta, meats, pasta, and cheese I ordered some desserts for the table.  I chose the mixed berries with fresh whipped cream, a flourless chocolate cake, and a tartufo.  The mixed berries were very simple yet fresh and juicy. il-mulino-mixed-berries

The whipped cream covered the berries like a sweet fluffy cloud.  This dessert proved to be a good choice after having bites of the flourless chocolate cake.  The cake was served in three thin slices along with zabaglione(simple Italian custard), whipped cream and berries.  This cake was extremely dense and rich, almost a fudge consistency. Combined with the zabaglione every bite was delectable!  It was so thick the cake lingers in your mouth and on the roof of your tongue so that you savor every bit of chocolate.  It is definitely a dessert to share (because of the richness) or for that severe chocoholic! The tartufo consisted of vanilla and chocolate gelato encased in a chocolate shell.  Served on the side was again zabaglione and whipped cream.  The chocolate shell added a nice crunch to the creamy gelato.  This dessert really has it all: chocolate, gelato, Italian cream, and whipped cream.  Typically I am not a fan of Italian desserts, expect for gelato, however Il Mulino changed my tune! Bravo!

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