A “sweet” brunch!



Who doesn’t love brunch?  I know I do, especially when I have no plans for the rest of the day.  While in Chicago this past Labor Day weekend, I needed to get breakfast somewhere.  I passed by Sunny Side Up & Coffee Shoppe (love the name…so happy sounding!) and knew I had found my place.  It’s located in an adorable Goldcoast Brownstone building with outdoor seating galore.  It was pretty hot out so we decided to eat inside.  The coffee was plentiful, and though it was a long time before we got our food, the staff kept us content with beverages and genuine politeness.  I ordered the Stuffed French Toast.  This thick and soft bread was filled with cream in the center with berries, berry sauce, and confectioners sugar on top.  I didn’t even need syrup is was so gooey from the cream!  And don’t worry, I had my eggs and turkey sausage to complete my well rounded breakfast.  I definitely left there on the sunny side of life!

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