Friday Night Dance Party!


This past Friday was Body By Simone‘s first ever FREE MONTHLY DANCE PARTY!!!  We had a blast cheering on all our great BBS clients, and for the occasion, we made our famous Buckeyes!!!  Born and raised in Ohio, we pride ourselves by making the best Buckeyes ever.  Peanut butter and chocolate= awesome and a great post workout snack in our opinion;-).  A Buckeye is the state nut of Ohio but the real thing is actually poisonous to eat, so everyone makes candies that look like the nut.  It looks like a Buck’s eye, with a PB ball in the center dipped in chocolate.  Also at the event was Grace DiNero Hightower’s coffee…in a cocktail!  Grace Hightower Coffees of Rwanda helps support the lives of Rwandan people through the opportunity to market their coffee to the world.  It’s delicious either as a cup of joe or in a cocktail and we couldn’t be more excited about it.  If you haven’t already, come take one of our awesome classes or sign up for BBS TV!  Balance is key.

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