What we had on our Wafels & Dinges date night!


We think an awesome date night is at Wafels & Dinges first store front location in the East Village.  You can’t get an area cooler than the East Village on a NYC night.  We found ourselves in the hood and couldn’t resist trying our very first Waffles & Dinges (we know, we totally should have had one already).  Waffles (apparently you can spell it wafel or waffle…who knew) are the best and they don’t kid around at W&D.  Made fresh right in front of you, the waffles are chewy and crisp.  We chose their mini waffle sundaes with a bunch of dinge or “stuff” on top.  Our favorite was the waffle with speculoos spread, speculoos ice cream (made in Brooklyn), and  whipped cream on top.  Speculoos, a spiced biscuit cookie, makes an incredible spread and ice cream flavor.  It’s a consistency like Nutella when made into the spread and often called cookie butter.  It is sweet, it is spicy, it is delicious!  The ice cream had bits of speculoos cookie mixed into a vanilla ice cream base.  The ice cream didn’t disappoint either with cookie crunches all throughout.  We were both convinced it was one of the best sundaes we’ve ever had.  In opposition, we chose a “strawberry shortcake” mini waffle sundae with strawberries, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream.  Classic but delicious.



To finish the date, the manager (oh yeah and everyone is SUPER nice there) brought us a special concoction that isn’t on the menu yet.  They’re playing around with a new coffee/ice cream drink and asked if we’d like to try it, “Why yes, of course, we will try it for you!  No problem.”  Holey moley!  We want that pick-me-up everyday!  We won’t give away too many details as it’s not a finished product yet, but it’s like a coffee milkshake and it’s addicting.  Actually this whole place is addicting and has made us excited to come back.  It’s definitely now on our list of cool and GOOD places to go for late night dessert…or breakfast…or lunch…or dinner.


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