We’re over the moon for Silver Moon Bakery!

We had the most lovely afternoon sitting, eating, and chatting with the owner of Silver Moon Bakery, Judith Norell.  Judith opened Silver Moon Bakery 13 years ago on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  She is still there every day, although she says you’d never know because she spends most of the day creating new breads and desserts in the basement.  Judith is one amazing woman. She has traveled all over the world which has had a major influence on all her goodies inside the bakery.  We have never seen such a variety in one place!  She prides herself in celebrating every holiday at Silver Moon with desserts and breads to match. She exudes creativity, expertise, and joy which translates into every sweet in her shop.  Our tasting started with some homemade pita bread and a bavarian pretzel before we dug into cookies, pies, and mousse.

The za’atar pita was topped with middle eastern spices and seeds.  It was chewy and very fresh as was the pretzel topped with sea salt.  It wasn’t hard to be happy with every thing Judith put in front of our faces.  Then came the chocolate chip cookie, double fudge cookie, key lime tart, sour cherry tart, chocolate mousse, and chocolate bombe!  It was a feast of sweets for Blondie and Brownie!  If chocolate is your favorite thing (it’s Judith’s) then the bombe and mousse are absolutely for you!  Small in size, but mighty in flavor both are extremely rich, dense, and intense.  Both cookies were perfectly cooked; crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  They had that homemade taste everyone craves, as if you were in your mother’s kitchen.

Last but not least we indulged in tarts.  The sour cherry had a unique dense almond filling which played nicely to the sour cherries while the key lime was light, sour, sweet and refreshing!  Judith loves creating new things so it’s important to  frequent Silver Moon Bakery because you’ll always see something new.  She always has one new item on the menu each week.  Her true passion lies in baking bread, which you can see when you look at each of her gorgeous loaves and baguettes.  We’ve never seen such beautiful bread, it is really magnificent to even look at let alone eat.  For those at home bread bakers she gives this advice…”Be patient!  You must give the bread time to rise!”  As we were sitting outside with Judith chatting and noshing it’s hard not to fall in love with her and Silver Moon.  She shares her stories, serves any goodie we desire, and then greets costumers as they walk by.   We left with a big bag of dessert and bread, but more than that a new love and respect for Judith and Silver Moon Bakery.


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