Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, and GOOD!



After a recent Yoga class, I was feeling peaceful and HUNGRY.  I walked by Juice Generation and saw that all of their muffins are Gluten-Free!  A muffin always sounds good to me, but I was intriqued to see if this Apple Crumble muffin was good since it was Vegan, GF, and Dairy-Free.  I know some of you that read JDNYC can only eat certain foods so I wanted to test this one out for you.  YUP, it was freakin good!  Not as grainy as some muffins can be in this category and the top was sweet and glazed.  It was moist and thick, making it fulfilling.  I not only felt like I was eating something sweet, I felt like I was putting great ingredients in to my body.  Only 240 cal and 8g fat.  Perfect for a post yoga snack.

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