Happy National S’mores Day at The Treat House!

Happy National S’mores Day!  We love this classic American dessert with marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker!  We were out and about today in NYC and thought we’d celebrate by heading to the newly opened Treat House on the UWS for their S’mores Rice Krispy treat.  The Treat House has been open for only 4 days, but with their appearance on the Today Show this morning, it is a popular place!

We got the S’mores to celebrate along with their Cookie’s & Cream, Chocolate PB, and Caramel Sea Salt. Our favorite was the Caramel Sea Salt and Jen, one of the owners, gave them to us right off the baking sheet!  They were melt-in-your-mouth good and the saltiness was perfect with the sweet crunch.  The S’mores was nostalgic with marshmallow and chocolate chunks inside with toasted marshmallow on top. There was the littlest s’more placed on the top. The Cookies & Cream was creamy from the layer of frosting and marshmallow and topped with a mini Oreo.  The Chocolate PB was a winning combo of flavors and the treat was chock-full of PB and slice of peanut butter cup.!

The owner’s (husband and wife Chris & Jen) treated us to a final masterpiece.  A chocolate covered Rice Krispy treat ice cream sandwich on a stick.  Uh huh, it was as amazing as it sounds.  The more it melted, the better it was.  Smooth chocolate, creamy ice cream, crunchy crisps.  The ambience is bright and happy with a tree house in the back that has a swing!  Treat House is kid and allergy friendly (most of the treats are gluten, nut, and dairy free).  It started with their kids’ bake sale for a charity and became a booming business. They still give with 10% of each sale going to charity.  The treats in this house are delicious and fun.  It’s so nice to see something different in the dessert world AND on the UWS.  Congrats on your opening and thanks for the awesome Rice Krispy Treats!

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