Restaurant Week in now over in NYC, but it didn’t go by without me taking advantage of dining at a new place.  Fishtag is a discreet restaurant underneath a brownstone on west 79th street.  I’ve wanted to dine there for a while and thought restaurant week would be perfect.  On top of delicious fare, their desserts were dynamo!  The special menu included their Maple Walnut Cake and Banana Sundae.  These desserts blew me away.  The Maple Walnut Cake was covered in cinnamon sauce and vanilla crème fraîche then topped with sesame brittle.  The cake was spongy and fresh with the perfect maple taste.  The Banana Sundae, OMG the banana sundae, was a table favorite.   First ingredient:  FRIED BANANAS.  I mean, who doesn’t like fried bananas and in a sundae!  Second ingredient:  BROWNIES.  Toasted almond ice cream, chocolate fudge, and toasted pistachios rounded out this magnificent sundae.  I’m not usually a nut fan in sundaes but this one had me at hello!  The bananas were right out of the fryer and eaten with that nutty and cool ice cream….WOW.  Chocolate fudge always makes for a happy sundae as well.  You guys, Fishtag was definitely a surprise, and I recommend it to anyone that wants a great evening of food and dessert.


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