Cupcake as easy as 1-2-3!

Loukoum Cupcake in Quebec City drew me in right away from it’s cupcake facade, but what was most intriquing were the specialty cupcakes they offered.  A finish-it-yourself kind of feel with tubes of flavored juice stuck inside each one!  Cupcakes are way overdone (although I still love them so much), but I loved the crafty aspect for something different with these.  I tried the petit framboise gâteaux or “mini raspberry cupcake” with the injectable raspberry juice.  It was really fun to feel like I had a hand in making the cupcake even though I just finished it off.  I was worried about the vanilla cake being too dry but once the juice went in, it was perfect.  A perfect amount of whipped icing as well.  It felt like my kind of science experiment!  I cannot leave out the mini Oreo cupcake as well.  Man that cake was fudgey and delicious like a brownie. The icing was thick and full of Oreos.  After a large mexican lunch, these were the perfect “curious” treats to enjoy.  Thanks for the creativity Loukoum!


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