Brown Rice & Gluten Free Rice Krispy Treats!



I have to make a shocking confession…I made Rice Krispy treats for the FIRST time this past weekend.  I know, I know…it’s a travesty!  I’ve always eaten them, but I guess it wasn’t a big dessert to make in my house.  We made brownies and cakes if we wanted a sweet.  Cut to 2013 and I’m now in the club of RCT makers, BUT I’ve advanced to Kellogg’s GF and brown rice ones!  You may have thought the origional cereal was already GF but it actually contains barley malt, a source of gluten.  The brown Rice Krispies are definitely heartier than the origional and I liked it!  I’m all for any way I can make a dessert healthier.  For those of you who aren’t in the club yet (and don’t be embarrassed!), below is the EASY recipe. I recommend using less Rice Krispies so the marshmallow can make it really gooey!  WARNING:  doing this activity may make you feel like a kid again AND make you eat the entire pan.  OH WELL!

Rice Krispy Treats

1 bag of big marshmallows
3 Tbsp butter (don’t use margarine even though they say…so bad for you!)
4-5 cups Krispies (they say 6 cups but it’s too much)

1.  On the stove heat mallows and butter until melted.
2.  Mix in Krispies and mold in to 9″ by 13″ in pan.
3.  Let cool to your likeing and eat!


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