Reader of the Week…Lisa Ports!

Congrats to our Reader of the Week, Lisa Ports!  Lisa is a hairstylist in Columbus, Ohio.  When not spending time making clients’ hair beautiful, she enjoys a dessert or two.  We are so happy you’re one of our reader’s, Lisa, and we can’t wait to try your recommendations!
1. What is your favorite dessert and why?
Anything with peanut butter or Oreos!  Even better is anything with peanut butter AND Oreos. 
2. What is your favorite dessert of your hometown?
Graeter’s cookies and cream ice cream.
3. If you met a magical dessert Genie what three wishes would you ask him to grant? 
I’d ask for all desserts to be calorie-free, all desserts to come with peanut butter, and for a personal baker! 
4. What is your favorite dessert in NYC?
To be determined :) 
5. If you were a dessert what would you be?
A cookie dough pie sundae from Herrell’s Ice Cream.

You can also be selected as our Reader of the Week!  Send in a photo and answer these 5 questions and email them to!  Happy dessert eating!


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