New Favorite Spot in Montreal

Traveling through Montreal and Quebec City is fun for me since both English and French cultures blend, leaving my wannabe Francais self satisfied, but still giving me an easy out back to my comfort zone.  It’s not as scary to speak French here as it is in France since the option to switch in and out of English mid-sentence is the norm.  Montreal has a hidden gem in it’s Old Town called Olive + Gourmando.  I’m going to copy a Yelper’s review and say I wish there was a coffee shop like this one in every town or city in the world.  Everything is made in house and the hustle and bustle let’s you know the food and pastries are in demand.  I have to do a seperate review in the next few days of their Tartelicious, but this review is for their Belgian chocolate and pecan cookie.  That chocolate is out-of-this-world.  I cracked the cookie in half and out came the melted chocolate, not even right out of the oven.  The pecans weren’t overwhelming and the cookie was both crunchy and chewy.  If you’re a chocolate fanatic, this one is a must! C’est magnifique!  On another note, I must mention their Cuban sandwich.  All I have to say is people wait in line a long time to get it and it was probably the BEST sandwich I’ve ever had.  Another review that involves a “bluets tarte” to come…

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