Homemade Pie-In-A-Jar

While vacationing Grand Cayman I dined at a wonderful restaurant called Michael’s Genuine Foods.  Michael’s has a fabulous dessert menu, but their homemade Blueberry Cream Pie-in-a-Jar sounded just too good to pass up!  The pie was served in an adorable mason jar which showed off all the layers of pie and cream.  Fresh whipped cream was at the top then the layers of blueberry’s, cream, and pie crust were layered all the way to the bottom.  It was refreshing and absolutely delicious.  I enjoyed the almond biscotti on the plate as well that accompanied the pie.  It was perfect for dipping into the jar or just taking bites in between eating the pie.  The pie flavors change daily so there’s reason to keep coming back.  Ah, if I only lived in the Cayman Islands!!



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