Having a pastry chef makes a HUGE difference!

Just last night, I dined with friends for the first time at Telepan on the Upper West Side.  Named after the chef, CIA graduate Bill Telepan, this restaurant serves a respectable and delicious menu.  My friend and I both noticed there was a pastry chef, Larissa Raphael,  featured on the dessert menu, signaling a good sign the desserts would be above our expectations.  THEY WERE.  We chose their Hot Blueberry Pie, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Gianduja, and our overall favorite, the Telepan S’more.  The Hot Blueberry Pie was nostalgically fulfilling with a flair.  A fancy “hot pocket” of fried dough with warm blueberry filling inside, a side of blueberry dipping sauce (YES!), and a block split by blueberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream.  They tasted just from the fryer!  The PB & Chocolate Gianduja (similar to Nutella) was accompanied by peanut brittle ice cream and huckleberry gelée (jelly).  Omg the peanut brittle ice cream was heavenly and the combo of all the flavors was dynamic and got better with each bite.  Adding the gelée really brought the aspect of PB&J to the dish, which I enjoyed.  Lastly, the Telepan S’more was outstanding.  Toasted marshmallow (a heafty portion) atop a warm brownie with graham cracker ice cream.  This might be my favorite take on the classic American dish that I’ve tried.  Dollops of toasted marshmallow and chocolate garnished the plate.  The ice cream was heavenly and soft, and with the brownie and marshmallow, this dessert made me keep going back for more. To end the evening, they brought us complimentary macaroons!  Telepan was a pleasant surprise and hidden gem that I can’t believe I just now tried for the first time.  Don’t wait too much longer yourselves!

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