German Chocolate Cake

If you want to take a little adventure, head up to the Indian Road Cafe at the top of Inwood.  This little cafe is open from morning to night and has everything from a coffee and beer to homemade desserts.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this very large German Chocolate Cake, so at the end of our meal I headed straight toward the dessert case.  The three layer chocolate cake was covered in a coconut pecan frosting that was LOADED with coconut flakes.  My slice was pretty large, three layers and covered in frosting!  The chocolate cake was fantastic.  It was dense and extremely rich with a pronounced chocolate flavor.  The gooey frosting was addicting.  Generous amounts were spread between each layer and surrounded the top and sides.  Crunchy pecan pieces were mixed throughout adding a little crunch to each bite.  It was fresh, it was filling, it was absolutely delicious.  Indian Road Cafe has many homemade desserts from cookies to cupcakes so I can’t wait to get back and try some others!

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