Dessert Activities in NYC!

We’re always asked where to go or what to do dessert-wise in NYC and we found a pretty website that answers that question for you!  Below are three dessert tour ideas that could be fun while visiting NYC, if you live here, or if you have family/friends coming to town and need an activity.  Here’s what Zerve has to say about what they do… is a site that helps people answer the question of “what to do, wherever you are” by allowing people to book hundreds of quality tours and unique experiences across the country! Once you choose your metro area, you can easily sort by neighborhood and activity type.
Here’s The Step By Step Breakdown:
Say you are looking for dessert tours in New York City… you’d go to where you would click on New York City, NY. From there, you can choose to sort by Where or What. Click on What and choose Food and Wine from the host of options. You can then break down your search results further and choose Chocolate and Dessert Events.

Now the fun begins! Tours are organized starting with the highest rating given by customers. One of the stand-out features of Zerve is that there’s a “no-cheat policy” when it comes to our reviews. You need to have purchased a ticket to be able to write the review, so anyone reading one for an activity can rest assured that they are reading a real customer’s experience.
There are currently 20 tours listed, but I’ll focus on our top 3 as ranked by customer reviews:
1. The NYC Chocolate Luxury Tour– This tour is for chocolate connoisseurs with an eye for the elegant! Visit 5 of the top European Chocolateirs in New York City. Whether it’s a Grand Marnier truffle, a violet-infused chocolate square, or a raspberry bonbon, you’ll be sampling some of the best cacao available.
2. Craft Beer, Cheese & Chocolate on NY’s UWS– Craft beers are stars all on their own, but find out how they really shine when unexpectedly paired with Chocolate truffles, bon bons, delicious fresh baked cookies, decadent pastries and savory bites!
3. Chocolate, Desserts & Wine Tour of NY’s UWS– Discover the trendy eateries and shops of the UWS one bite at a time! Indulge in the decadent pairing of artisanal chocolate truffles, varietal dark chocolates from South America and creamy hazelnut gelato with a selection of international red and sparkling wines.
All that’s left to do is quickly create an account, purchase your tour and get to nibbling!

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