Crème Brûlée and more at Cafe Talullah

Saturday, July 27th, is National Crème Brûlée Day, and if you are looking to celebrate in style head to Cafe Talullah on the Upper West Side.  I devoured their Tahitian Vanilla Crème Brûlée within minutes!  Easily big enough to share, this dessert was perfect.  It had the best hard caramel topping I have ever experienced, which everyone knows is the best part of eating crème brûlée.  Golden brown and topped with powdered sugar, I had to tap my spoon a couple times on top before I heard the inevitable glorious crack of caramel! Inside the creme was superb, light and creamy but filled with vanilla flavor thanks to the visible vanilla beans.  If you want to dig into a fabulous crème brûlée to celebrate its national day, I can think of no better spot.

Also on the dessert menu is a homemade peach cobbler served a la mode.  If you enjoy a little savory with your sweet, you will love this cobbler.  Filled with sliced peaches on the bottom and then covered in oats and granola, this cobbler is certainly different because of it’s addition of rosemary.  The rosemary flavor is prominent, but somehow all the flavors play well together and compliment each other with every bite.  I would have never thought to add this herb into a cobbler, yet it’s creative and works especially well when paired with their signature cocktail, The Talullah!  The rye based drink has a smokey and mature flavor which matches the savory cobbler perfectly.  Cafe Talullah takes as much pride in the cocktail menu as their dessert menu so make sure to order one of their delicious drinks when enjoying your dinner or dessert!  This Upper West Side restaurant really has it all: a beautiful bar, excellent menus, a separate downstairs lounge, and a European vibe.

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