Bissinger’s Caramels

I can’t believe I forgot about this last St. Louis post!  I always look forward to getting some caramels at Bissinger’s in the Central West End.  Their creativity with the popular bon bon is fun and inventive.  Everyone loves wine and chocolate so why not put them together?  Their Chardonnay and Merlot Salt Caramels are to-die-for.  First, caramels should always have salt on them, and second, the richness of the wine with the chewy caramel encased in chocolate and a little salt is an experience not to be missed for your taste buds. The wine is not overpowering and the candy is FRESH. The next two I tried were the Pear Balsamic and Maple Bacon Salt Caramels.  These were a little more adventurous but I’m glad I devoured them.  Again the added flavor to these caramels was not overpowering, which made me enjoy the creativity more.  The pear balsamic had a nice acidic kick to it.  The Maple Bacon was BACON but a cool flavor combo.  Overall, this upscale chocolate shop is serving a fantastic chocolate experience!

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