“Back To Human” Chocolate

Sometimes it’s really nice to walk in a store and not worry about where the food’s ingredients come from. EVERYTHING at Hu Kitchen is good for you, unprocessed and actually healthy, not just “labeled” healthy.   I love this question and answer from them:  “Unequivocally delicious food that also happens to be unprocessed and good for you. Is that even possible? You bet your ass it is.”  Even dessert!  That’s right, you heard me, they make delicious dessert full of good-for-you ingredients.  It’s like “the people’s personal chef!”  My dessert of choice was their Almond Butter & Puffed Quinoa Chocolate Bar.  With 72% cocoa, the antioxidants in this incredible bar are high.  The combo of smooth almond butter and light crunch of the puffed quinoa in the dark chocolate was killer.  Not too sweet (but not too bitter), it reminded me of a truffle meets a Crunch candy bar.  I was throughly impressed and love love loved that I felt good about putting it in to my body.  Food revolution at Hu Kitchen!

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