A new Parisian way to eat ice cream…

There’s a modern Willy Wonk style sweet shop near the Louvre in Paris that’s selling some inventive Wikipearls….in other words, ice cream.  Think Dippin Dots blown up a bit.  David Edwards and French designer Francois Azambourg develpoed Wikicells, which would eliminate packaging in foods, but ti ended up growing in to skins full of vitamins encasing ice cream!  Huh, we’re a bit stumped and wish we could go to Paris to try this scientific experiment gone right.  They ave three flavors right now:  mango with a coconut skin, chocolate with a hazelnut skin and vanilla with a peanut skin.  They are 50 calories a ball and take up to 8 hours to melt so you can bring them for lunch!  “The WikiBar is sort of like an experimental lab where you can eat ice cream.”  We’re in for this dessert game!

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