Hot and fresh Zeppole!

There’s a new restaurant in Harlem called Vinateria with a fantastic dessert on the menu.  While I was looking over my choices for dessert, our lovely bartender strongly recommended the ricotta and dolce de leche zeppole with chocolate sauce.  She got so excited in talking about this dessert it was like I was looking at a reflection of myself! Zeppole, a ball of deep fried dough, is a traditional Italian dessert.  In this case the ricotta cheese was mixed into the dough and the dolce de leche was drizzled on top as well as a light dusting of powdered sugar.  The chocolate sauce was in the bottom of the bowl so that each zeppole had a little chocolate bottom.  These balls of fried dough were incredible.  They were hot, right out of the fryer, super fluffy, and moist inside.  Each ball was about 4 inches in diameter, a perfect size to hold in your hand and dip into the chocolate sauce.  Both sauces were fantastic, an excellent addition to the zeppole.  So if you happen to be around FDR and 119th Street, pop into Vinateria and enjoy some zeppole.  You will not be sorry!

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