The Muny Cupcake 2013!

The “Munypolitan” is the newest featured cupcake at The Cup in St. Louis, Central West End.  Every year, The Cup creates an amazing cupcake for the theatre and this year is dark chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cake with strawberry and vanilla buttercream frosting.  I picked one up as a pre show snack to share with the female ensemble of Spamalot and we went crazy for it!  They know how to make a good cake and equal amount of icing.  I loved all three cake flavors, none of which overpowered the other.  The strawberry buttercream wasn’t too much in flavor either, making this perfectly balanced cupcake delicious.  I love the name as well!  It’s only available until the end of the Muny season, August 12th, so enjoy this summer treat!

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