The kind of “Farmacy” I like!

Brooklyn Farmacy has been on my list of ice cream parlors to try for quite sometime now!  Imagine my excitement when I finally made it, sat down, and ordered one of their famous sundaes!  This particular one was called the Shortcake Sundae, one of the many sundaes on the menu.  I thought that this particular sundae seemed very refreshing and fit perfectly into the beautiful summer day I was enjoying in NYC.  It consisted of the Farmacy’s own homemade shortcake crumbles, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce, and fresh whipped cream.  The shortcake crumbles, available to buy at the shop, are incredible.  They resemble a biscuit with some pieces being large and some small.  They are crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.  The vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce soaked into the crumbles making each bite a true match to actual Strawberry Shortcake.  Brooklyn Farmacy makes a wonderful strawberry sauce that isn’t to sweet and loaded with whole strawberry’s.  I ordered the “kids” size version of the sundae, which was absolutely perfect and I even shared!  Brooklyn Farmacy has an old-timey atmosphere with classic desserts that never go out of style.  It’s got nostalgia and sweets that cannot be beat.

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