Sweet Revenge… it’s as good as ever!

I love when I have not been to a bakery in a while and I stop in to find that it’s better than ever!  That was the case when I enjoyed a delicious brunch at  Sweet Revenge.  After our meal I could not resist leaving without indulging in one their artisan cupcakes. Glistening with brown sugar crystals in the glass case, the Pure cupcake was calling my name.  The Pure signature cupcake consists of Mexican Vanilla cake and Mexican Vanilla buttercream frosting…pretty simple and well, pure!  As I was chewing my first bite I knew this would be a time when I would eat so quietly so that no one at the table wanted a bite.  Inside though I was squealing with delight!!! It was outrageously good!! Every bite tasted like a ball of raw sugar cookie dough, I never wanted it to end!  Unfortunately my friends caught on to my quiet enjoyment and I had to share.  At least I knew they would be indulging in something absolutely delicious!

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