Root Beer Float Time!

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had a real root beer float until I stepped in to Fitz’s Premium Root Beer. Started in 1947, Fitz’s is a tradition and love of St. Louis folks year round.  My local friend took me to try their famous root beer floats, and we chose 3 from their list of 19 different ones! I ordered Fitz’s Root Beer Float (classic), Cherry Bomb, and S’mores.  WOW they were HUGE!  The ice cream didn’t even fit in the glass but was soft and creamy, ready to melt in to the soda.  The classic float was more than I could have imagined in greatness.  The root beer was heaven, and made me happy since it’s sweetened with only pure natural cane sugar.  The cherry bomb was similar to the classic, but with a black cherry soda and vanilla ice cream.  My favorite was the S’mores!  It was Fitz’s draft cream soda topped with soft chocolate ice cream, marshmallow fluff, Hershey’s chocolate sauce, graham crackers, and whipped cream!  HOLEY MOELY!  You guys,  it was out of control.  The flavor happening with the carbonated cream soda and the rich chocolate and creamy toppings was something I’ve never experienced.  It makes me want to pour cream soda on all of my future sundaes!  It adds this crisp and sharp texture that adds a nice kick.  Apparently the S’mores is a popular item on the menu and I can see why!  Whatever floats your boat!

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