Our Reader of the Week…Mary Callahan!

Congratulations to this week’s featured reader, Mary Callahan!  Mary is a student at NYC and loves to dance. As dancers ourselves, we love that we all bond over tap shoes and desserts!  We also LOVE the true story she sent us that explains the photo above (Answer to #5).  You can also be selected as our Reader of the Week!  Send in a photo and answer these 5 questions to justdessertsnyc@yahoo.com!

1.  What is your favorite dessert and why?

I love jelly beans – especially all of the fun flavors of Jelly Belly.  When I was little, my mom took me to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield, California.  We learned how jelly beans are made and we got to buy big bags of “Belly Flops” – candies that they can’t sell because they are misshapen or fused with other jelly beans….but they still taste amazing!

2.  What is your favorite dessert of your hometown?

I don’t think there’s a signature dessert from Los Altos, California…but in high school, my friends called me Mary “Betty Crocker” Callahan because I would always bring fun cakes and cupcakes to school for friends’ birthdays, finals week, and sports events.  I was a long and triple-jumper on the track team, and I’m pretty sure we ate sweets more than we actually practiced!  But my theory is that the sugar helped us to run faster and jump further!

3.  If you met a magical dessert Genie what three wishes would you ask him to grant?

1)  That chocolate was a vegetable!

2)  That I could try every dessert on Blondie and Brownie’s blog!

3)  I wish I could have been one of the actors in the original “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” movie so that I could have eaten all of the goodies in the candy forest scene!  

4.  What is your favorite dessert in NYC?

My brother took me to Momofuku Milk Bar and convinced me to get the cereal milk-flavored frozen yogurt.  I am obsessed!  It reminds me of my childhood and tastes delicious paired with their yummy compost cookies!

5.  If you were a dessert what would you be?

Here’s a funny story!  Last year I got tickets for my mom and I to sit in the audience for the Martha Stewart Show.  The night before I got a phone call asking if my mom and I wanted to be ON the show.  I immediately said “YES!”  The next day, my mom and I got to go backstage to hair and makeup, meet Martha Stewart, and practice our lines.  We had to wear giant cookie sandwich boards and each say a tip for baking cookies!  I was a sugar cookie and my mom was an oatmeal raisin cookie.  It’s such a silly and wonderful memory!

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