Morning Bun!

There’s a new culinary place in St. Louis Central West End!  Central Table is a market, a grill, a deli, raw bar, sushi bar, hearth, wine bar, grill, AND coffee shop.  I stopped by the coffee shop one morning recently and enjoyed one of their morning buns.  I had eyed the pans with overflowing baked dough there for days.  This freshly baked pastry is a sophistocated version of the classic cinnamon sugar bun.  The dough is swirled all the way to it’s core and showered in sugar.  It wasn’t too sweet, which was refreshing, and I could really enjoy the soft dough.  The center was the BEST (it always is) with gooey melted sugar and butter.  This was the perfect accompaniment with Kaldi’s Coffee.  A splendid start to a sunny day in St. Louis!


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