Laurel Hardware in Los Angeles

Laurel Hardware is a new restaurant in LA that is not only charming but absolutely delicious from start to finish.  Sitting in the backyard patio area under twinkle lights I decided to indulge in their Chocolate Brownie for dessert.  The large, but thin brownie took up most of the plate while a scoop of vanilla been ice cream sat on top ,slowing melting into the brownie.  Next to it was another scoop of gianduja mousse while a crushed hazelnut mix sprinkled the ice cream and mousse.  I liked the brownie just ok.  It had a chalky texture that I wish would have been rich and fudgy instead.  I also prefer when brownies are warm rather than room temperature.  However, when vanilla ice cream melts into a brownie things just always seem to become ok.  I loved the scoop of mousse that was rich without being overwhelming and the hazelnut crunch that added a fabulous crunch to every bite.  I think Laurel Hardware could use a quick brownie makeover to knock this dessert out of the park, but  it certainly didn’t spoil the wonderful meal.

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