L.A. Burdick is a European chocolate company that started here in 1987.  Larry Burdick wanted to make chocolates that would impress the finest.  When this beautiful wooden box arrived, it was a site to been seen. These boxes are made exclusively for L.A. Burdick from sustainably harvested rubber tree wood.  If this much attention was given to a box, think about the chocolates!  There was a stunning array of little sweet bites and a hefty list to go along with them.  The chocolate mice were adorable!  They are a classic at L.A. Burdick and are made in three differeent flavors:  Dark with an orange interior, Milk with a mocha interior, and White with a hint of cinnamon interior.  I loved the dark with orange.  The little ribbon tails were the perfect touch!  A few other favorites were the Fig bonbon:   dark chocolate interior with a balanced flavor of fig and port wine, the Cognac Truffle:  dark Grenadian chocolate, rich smooth cream and cognac, dusted in cocoa powder, and the Poire Baton:  whipped dark chocolate ganache with Poire Williams, coated in dark chocolate and garnished with a thin pear slice.  You can never go wrong with the caramels as well, done in dark, milk, and white chocolates.  The flavors were so distinct, I felt like I could taste the actual ingredients.  These handmade chocolates are made from the freshest ingredients, no artificial colorings, and no preservatives. You can tell!  A box of chocolates is always the perfect gift, and L.A. Burdick makes it extra special.  The next time you’re in need of a chocolate fix, head to L.A. Burdick!  If you can’t make it to the store, there are three easy ways to order:  Phone:  (800) 229-2419, Fax:  (603) 756-4326, or Online.

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