Falling in love with Plumm

I keep falling in love with Sugar & Plumm.  I think that it being my neighborhood dessert shop/restaurant helps a little!  There is so much to choose from and I’m instantly happy when I walk in—I can’t resist!  On a recent sunny day, I thought it was the perfect time for an afternoon sweet treat.  Stopping in Sugar & Plumm, I couldn’t decide between chocolates or a milkshake…so I chose both!  The vanilla shake was perfect to cool me off on a hot day and the chocolates fulfilled my rich craving.  The ice cream in the milkshake is homemade, which makes me happy and was smooth and chock-full of vanilla flavor.  I loved the whipped cream on top as well.  Holey moley the chocolates there are incredible.  Little does everyone know, Sugar & Plumm is known for thier chocolates.  My favorite is their caramel (the round one pictured above).  GO GET IT!  Overall, Sugar & Plumm is a fantastic place to make you smile any time of the day.

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