What did we eat for Memorial Day dessert?!

Strawberry Shortcake!  Nothing says summer holidays like strawberry shortcake, whether you eat it with Angel Food Cake or a biscuit, it’s always a hit.  Blondie baked homemade Bisquick biscuits, stuffed them with sugared strawberries and Turkey Hill vanilla ice cream, and granished the dish with nothing other than whipped cream…Mmmmm!  It was so beautiful in NYC yesterday, we had to enjoy them out on Brownie’s deck in the sun after our Memorial Day BBQ.  Strawberry shortcake is so easy to make;  light, and fulfilling at the same time.  Strawberries are now in season so treat yourself to some of this classic American dessert. Be sure to mix any berry of your choice (doesn’t have to be just strawberries) with sugar until the juice of the fruit surrenders (about an hour or so).  Then just put everything together and enjoy!  Ahhh summertime.

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