Their milkshake brings all the folks to the Plumm!

I’d been wanting to try one of Sugar & Plumm’s milkshakes for a while but didn’t know which one to choose. I asked which was their most popular, and they replied with the Hot Chocolate and Grasshopper shakes.  I chose the Hot Chocolate!  The employee recommended swapping the chocolate ice cream for vanilla so you can really taste the hot chocolate mix.  I decided I should trust that opinion and swapped the ice cream.  I’m glad I did because she was right.  Of course, it reminded me of the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, but in this shake, I could really taste the hot cocoa and the top was covered with marshmallows.  What I love as well about Sugar & Plumm is that their ice cream is homemade and that really makes a difference.  The shake was so creamy and smooth.  Not too thick, not too runny.  The days are finally getting hotter now, so compliment the heat with a cool Sugar & Plumm milkshake!

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