The Perfect Mother’s Day Treat!

What could be the most perfect gift for your mom on Mother’s Day than a box of Thumbs Cookies.  These little treats were created by mother-teaching-daughter, and daughter loving it so much she had to share her mom’s treasures with the world.  With a pride of sharing the history of the amazing ladies in her family, Robyn Frank, created Thumbs Cookies.  This Brooklyn based company ships everywhere and is even sold at The Bedford Cheese Shop, The Blue Apron, Beecher’s Cheese, The Ace Hotel, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters Cafe at The Ace Hotel.  As Robyn puts it, “Classic Thumbs are similar to a short bread cookie, the size of a thumb print, rolled in a cinnamon sugar mix. Chocolate Thumbs are the same but finished with a Mast Brothers chocolate disc in the middle. Vegan cookies are available upon request.”  We love how they use Mast Brother’s Chocolate (we just posted about them!).  They are so melt-in-your-mouth and the PERFECT bite size.  Very light and buttery sweet, they go lovely with that morning Mother’s Day coffee.  They have a special Mother’s Day package as well, so get ordering or stop by  a location in NYC!  Happy Mother’s Day…a big “thumbs up!”

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