Oh the treats you can finding roaming the streets of NYC!

Ok, so I have a special place in my dessert heart for donuts and when I came across this Gluten-Free version at Baked By Butterfield, I was super excited to see if it was good.  It’s incredible what you can find while strolling the streets of NYC.  You can come across the best little bakeries and shops.  Butterfield on the UES is a gourmet grocery full of artisan baked goods and fresh produce.  Baked By Butterfield is a new doughnut shop right next door with delicious donuts and coffee.  Little did I know, Butterfield is a family owned business and grandpa, Ted Applebaum, was doughnut-NUT.  YES!  They opened this little shop, serving fresh “baked (not fried)” versions.  I tried the Baked Gluten-Free Carrot donut.  It’s a cake donut with sweet vanilla icing on top.  The cake was so moist and full of citrus.  You could even see the slithers of carrot in it.  The icing added a creamy sweetness.  I could definitely think this was not GF.  SO GOOD. Nothing like a coffee and donut afternoon pick-me-up (especially after teaching 4 year old, adorable and energized ballerinas!).  They bake their donuts fresh everyday and it shows!

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