My New Favorite NYC Cafe

I’m a sucker for great cafes full of pastries.  I’ve enjoyed a lovely walk through Central Park every morning to rehearsal for On Your Toes at New York City Center’s Encores! series, and everyday I pass Petrossian Cafe. Little did I know, the Petrossian brothers introduced Paris to caviar!  Yes, this pastry-filled place is a giant in the caviar business, importing it from Russia.  Fitting since the show I’m doing is heavy on the Russian ballet.  Delicacy is their thing because the baked goods I’ve enjoyed there so far have been amazing. Their well known Chocolate Chunk Pecan cookie is a popular choice.  It’s thick and chewy, loaded with chocolate and pecans.  I’m not usually a nut person in my chocolate chip cookie, but I didn’t mind this one.  I am obsessed with croissants right now, therefore one of their plain ones was in my future.  SO buttery and flakey, this giant mound of baked dough was outstanding.  The French man in line before me was VERY excited about his croissants.  Sound like a good sign?!  They have a posh seating area in the back, and I can’t wait to spend an afternoon with a friend, sipping an espresso with more baked goods.  Any takers?

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