Melt Bakery melts my heart!

The Lovelet ice cream sandwich at Melt Bakery is incredible!  Cream cheese ice cream is sandwiched between two pieces of red velvet cake “cookies.”  I say cookie in quotes because to me they more resemble cake in cookie form.  This sammie is the closest thing to an actual red velvet cake in ice cream form that I have ever had.  The cream cheese ice cream is so similar to cream cheese frosting that besides being cold, you would not be able to taste the difference.  Melt Bakery makes the PERFECT consistency  for their sandwiches.  You are able to eat each bite without any spillage or break in the cookies.  The sandwich remains in tact till the last bite.  It’s quite amazing and in all my ice cream sandwich eating, I’ve never seen anything like it!  I found my Lovelet at the Madison Sq. Eats, which is a fun foodie adventure right next to Madison Sq. Park.  Melt Bakery definitely is a must stop in NYC it will literally melt your heart!

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